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Russian in Indo Defence 2010

October 29, 2010

In this upcoming November 2010, Indonesia held an exhibitions called Indo Defense 2010. There will be over 400 companies from 38 countries and more than 20.000 delegates will come. This exhibitions specialized in defense, aerospace and marine industries.

Rosoboronexport as a state corporation are participated in this event. They are focus on Yak-130 combat training aircraft to be show in this exhibitions. To promote Rosoboronexport participation, they publish an advertorial in a defense magazine.

Take a look at their publication .


Rosoborenexport State Corporation


ZestADZ Trial for Indonesia

September 16, 2010

As the advertising agency, we have a chance to worked together with many partner, client, different advertising agency through out the world. The latest chance is we have been given opportunity to works together with global mobile  advertising network called zestadz.

Recently the have some inventory and they said in their blog, announcing $500 trial free for using their mobile advertising. We love the idea of trial, specially when given for  free so we try this mobile advertising to support our campaign. We don’t know how the result will be but we hope we got good impact on the campaign.

Opportunity in Indonesia

August 31, 2010

This is just a preview about Indonesia, in area that we are expertise. First of all Indonesia is a large country located in South East Asia. It size approximately three times larger than State of Texas in America. It lies from Aceh in the east and Papua in the west were lies many natural resources. With the shape of an island, Indonesia has more than 25 big cities such as Jakarta, Medan, Batam, Surabaya, Makasar, Ujungpandang, and other.

The current population is over With over 240, 3 million populations and per ca pita income is               $ 3,900 (2008 est).  The  GDP by the time 2008 is estimated $ 511 billion and annual growth rate 3.5% (2009 est.). It is also several country that  that do not feel the impact of the recent European crisis and keep growing its economy. One of several indicator is the growth of advertising spending in Indonesia. Indra Abidin, chairman of International Advertising Association predict by the end 2010, advertising expenditure will reach 49 mil USD. Increase from the following year, that reach 35,5 mil USD.

With this example above, we could make some assumption that Indonesia is a promising country and its still grow. So if you want to enter this market and don’t know how, we could help. Just clik at this site and we will give a help in advertising area and find out the Indonesian market.

Nokia Nielsen Research

August 28, 2010

At the early September we will launch a nokia nielsen research campaign. Indonesia has been became one of the several countries selected to conduct this research.  The  goal of this campaign is to find 500+ nokia smart phone user that will install the research application called Nokia  Nokia Nielsen Research360 Meter. By  using this application, panelist has a chance to provide an advice that will be used to develop a mobile smart phone ny nokia.

So if you happens to an Indonesian, using a smart phone nokia and were reading this article please joint the research by clicking at this site.

Jobs Advertisement

August 27, 2010

This has been a work together to put an ads a newspaper in Indonesia. The version of the ads is job advertisement from oil company in middle east.

Take a look at this ads

Indonesia Advertising together with

Global Media Works
PO Box 502037 | Al Thuraya Tower II | Dubai Media City | 20th Floor | Dubai | United Arab Emirates

What It Is ?

August 27, 2010

Beside our regular website, we are developing a blog. What it used for ? It use to communicate with audience, our partner and clients. In this blog we will show our recent jobs with foreign partner and clients. It will show also our past advertisement, our team, meeting and dinner with our client and other that relevant with Indonesia Advertising as  a company.

You are all welcome to put some suggestion, ask us to pitch or just say hello to us. It all will be appreciate.


Indonesia Advertising Team